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About us

Our goal is to provide excellent service for our professional repair shop partners.

„As a family business, long-term planning drives our decisions…”       /F.B./

In 1931, in Austria, Ferdinand Birner defined the mission when he founded his business in the 1st district of Vienna. The company’s first commercial unit has been operated up to this day at the same address (Birner & Co., 1010 Wien, Nibelungengasse 3). Dkfm Harald Birner took over the management of his father’s company in 1959. With his leadership began in Austria the territorial expansion, which was attended by his wife Margarete Birner. The activity started in Hungary in 1992. The company has been operating under the name Margarete Autó Kft. since 2011 and Birner Autó Kft. since November 2020, its sole owner is Margarete Birner. From her comes the quote: “We consider it important to promote the efficiency of professional car services on the long-term with quality automotive parts that we distribute.”




01. Service and maintenance

Belt Tensioner
Engine Oil

Glow Plug
Lighting Bulb
Spark Plug

Timing Belt
Timing Belt Kit
Vehicle Diagnostic
V-Ribbed Belt

02. Engine

Air Mass Sensor
Belt Pulley, crankshaft
Cooling Radiator
EGR Valve
Engine Mounting

Expansion Tank, coolant
Glow Plug Control Unit
Injection Pump

Radial Oil Seal
Timing Chain Kit

03. Transmission

Bellow, driveshaft
Central Clutch Releaser
Clutch Cable
Clutch Kit

Clutch Master Cylinder
Clutch Slave Cylinder

Hydraulic Filter, automatic transmission
Joint Kit, driveshaft
Radial Oil Seal

04. Break System

Accessory Kit, brake shoes
Brake Caliper
Brake Disc
Brake Hose

Brake Pad Set
Brake Shoe Set
Brake Slave Cylinder
Cable, parking brake

Master Brakecylinder
Repair Kit, brake caliper
Warning Contact, brake pad wear

05. Axle mounting, steering

Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber
Lower Ball Joint
Shock Absorber
Stabiliser Link
Steering Boot

Steering Gear
Steering Pump
Suspension Bush
Suspension Spring
Suspension Strut Bearing

Tie Rod Axle Joint
Tie Rod End
Track Control Arm
Wheel Bearing Kit
Wheel Hub

06. Exhaust System

Accessories, exhaust system

Catalytic Converter
Exhaust Muffler

Exhaust Pipe
Particle filter

07. Electrics



Starter Battery

08. Accessories

Air Deflector
Bike Carrier
Kayak-Canoe Carrier

Roof Rack System

Trailer Hitch

09. Comfort System

Compressor, Air Conditioning

Dryer, Air Conditioning
Heating Radiator

Pressure Switch, Air Conditioning
Window Lifter

10. Chemical Products

Adhesives, Threadlockings
Brake Fluid

Engine Oil
Hydraulic Fluid
Sealants, Retainings

Transmission Oil
Windshield Washer Fluid



Ordering options

After registration, our Partners can choose from any of the following options to inquire or to place orders.
01. OnLine catalogue   

Our internet-based electronic car parts search engine (webkatt) is available 24 hours a day. Key features: parts searching with vehicle data, search by product number and naming, product properties and images, current Stock, current prices, sending orders.

02. Conventionally

During opening hours, all sales points are available via telephone, e-mail and fax, where expert staff is  expecting customer needs.

03. Personally in our shops

During opening hours all our locations can be visited personally, where competent and experienced colleagues are at the disposal of the clients. Our stores are easy to reach and our spacious car parks are of course free for our customers!

04. Shop in STORE Webshop

According to the statement “Shop in the STORE” we have set up showrooms in our sales points. The products here are even available in the webshop (ebag.hu) created for this purpose.



Our addresses

Our sales points have a wide range of products adapted to the market and a large number of items, and the customers are served professionally by the qualified sales staff.

Address: H-1139 Budapest, Forgách u. 14.
Tel: +36 1 450-2600 (Map)
E-mail: bp13@birnerauto.hu
Open: M – F/ 8:00-17:00; Sa / 8:00-12:00

Address: H-1173 Budapest, Csékút u. 3.
Tel: +36 1 254-0640 (Map)
E-mail: bp17@birnerauto.hu
Open: M – F / 8:00-17:00; Sa / 8:00-12:00

Address: H-4031 Debrecen, István út 147.
Tel: +36 52 535-000 (Map)
E-mail: debrecen@birnerauto.hu
Open: M – F / 7:30-16:30; Sa / 8:00-12:00

Address: H-3533 Miskolc, Alsó Szinva u. 2.
Tel: +36 46 531-541 (Map)
E-mail: miskolc@birnerauto.hu
Open: M – F / 7:30-16:30; Sa / 8:00-12:00

Address: H-4400 Nyíregyháza, Debreceni út 235.
Tel: +36 42 596-662 (Map)
E-mail: nyiregyhaza@birnerauto.hu
Open: M – F / 7:30-16:30; Sa / 8:00-12:00

Address: H-2800 Tatabánya, Táncsics M. út 2/H.
Tel: +36 34 510-555  (Map)
E-mail: tatabanya@birnerauto.hu
Open: M – F / 7:30-16:30; Sa / 8:00-12:00

Address:  H-8900 Zalaegerszeg, Hock J. u. 92.
Tel: +36 92 511-404 (Map)
E-mail: zalaegerszeg@birnerauto.hu
Open: M – F / 7:30-16:30; Sa / 8:00-12:00

Delivery service

If required, we deliver the ordered spare parts to our customers even several times a day.



A wide range of suppliers for efficient service

The marketed products are characterized by quality and reliability. Our partners are in many cases suppliers of today’s automotive manufacturing. Thanks to this, the premium and original equipment quality are guaranteed in our offer.



Send us message

If you are interested, please send us a brief description, mobile number and our colleague will contact you soon.